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**********Row by Row Quilter Updates **********

2016 Row by Row Experience is approaching~ and the theme for the year is Home Sweet Home! Here's a sneak peek at SOME of what Quilters' Quarters will be using for fabrics in our row:
From Dan Morris's Architectural Design Line

from Elizabeth's Studio fabrics

Another Elizabeth's Studio fabric -
her images are always beautiful!
And here is our new-old Massachusetts Fabric Plate for 2016, with our Quilters' Quarters slogan:

Win a free fat quarter in our shop by being
the first customer who can accurately date
the actual years Massachusetts used this color
on our state license plates!
Stay tuned to see more 2016 images of the Row by Row™ for Quilters' Quarters.

2015 Row by Row at Quilters' Quarters 

Look who came to take up residence at Quilters' Quarters! Our Soft Sculpture Artist friend, Barb Harrold, created Mrs. Robin and her little one, Bobbin the Robin! You can see more of Barb's creations by visiting her website:!character-puppets/c1w53

2015 Row by Row pattern:
 "Windows on the Water"
Row by Row™2015 ends Tuesday 9/18/15!
Although we are not usually open on Tuesdays, we will be here tomorrow for last minute shop hoppers.

We are open 11 to 7, four days a week.
Wednesdays through Saturdays
(closed Sat. 7/25 but open Sun. 7/26)
Come in for a free fat quarter with your Row by Row pattern! First visitor of the day is the Winner!

We have a winning quilt on display at our shop, courtesy of its maker, Regina Souza, who won 25 fat quarters for bring it to Quilters' Quarters!

Bobbin the Robin came to visit us!

Tracy's "Super Bobbin" won a free mini-tote
for being the first Bobbin the Robin to visit us.
Here is Super Bobbin visiting our friend Kathryn
at Dragonfly's Quilt Shop
in Bellingham, Massachusetts, 

proudly wearing his Quilters' Quarters mini-tote!
Quilters' Quarters has Row by Row™
up and running!
Come in for your free "Windows on the Water" row pattern
or buy a kit for the row: $9.00.
Or buy a 'mini-kit' of 1/2 yd Bobbin the Robin H2O fabric for $6.00 
to make the large exterior pocket for your
2015 Tote - free tote pattern included.
To make Bobbin the Robin, get your pattern: $9.00
We also have RxR's Pin-Peddler circular and license plate pins: $6.00
Our license plate with the slogan "Happy Quilter" is $5.00
And we have an assortment of nautical buttons to purchase
separately ($0.20 each) or in packs of $2 - 3.00.
 We've even made a mini-tote for the first Bobbin the Robin who visits us! 
Can you see it, with its license plate pin, in the photo above?
Come on in ... it's cool in our shop!

IntroducingQuilters' Quarters new 
Row by Row H2O 2015 Row:
Windows on the Water

Free pattern available Last Week of June, 2015


that is the question all shop owners face
in preparing kits for their customers...

 A quilter let me know this weekend that some of the pieces in her Row by Row™ "Windows on the Water" kit were off by 1/8" which, on small pieces, can have a noticeable effect in the block. I apologized, and have offered to send her a new kit, with untrimmed pieces larger than the pattern calls for, so that she can square each piece accurately. 
I'll NOW offer trimmed or untrimmed kits to customers when they visit for the free pattern and want to purchase a kit. In my desire to meet customers' wishes for pre-cut pieces, I overestimated my manual accuracy. There are days when my cuts are very accurate, and others when they might be a bit off, due to the tremors that come and go with MS.
If you received, as this customer did, a kit that is out of square please let me know and I will send you an untrimmed set of fabric pieces, at no cost to you.
As only 12 kits have been purchased so far, this pre-cut error can be 'nipped in the bud.' I'll review the remaining pre-cuts and remove any from the kits to be sold, replacing them with accurate pieces reviewed by my husband and myself.
Trimmed kits are priced at $10.00. Untrimmed kits will be priced at $9.00, as they require less of my time. When the remaining trimmed kits are gone, I will sell only untrimmed kits, to avoid human error in the future.

This year, in addition to the HAPPY QUILTER license plate ...

We have collectible Pin Peddler Row by Row Pins!
The license plates and pins are on sale NOW - both are limited in quantity and will not be re-ordered this year, so come to buy yours BEFORE the Row by Row 2015 Experience begins!

2015 Row by Row plate pin
2015 Row by Row circle pin

And for serious Row by Row collectors, we are the ONLY Massachusetts quilt shop that has a supply of the 2014-2015 Post Card for our state. When they are sold out, they can not be re-stocked ... so come in early and purchase yours before they are gone!

Online sales of Row by Row pins and Postcards can be done NOW via Paypal at our webstore:

These are the rules which all participating shops must honor:
Provide one copy of the pattern for free to anyone who enters your store and requests it from June 21 through Sept. 8, 2015. Patterns and kits may not be distributed online, by mail, or at venues outside the store during this time period, such as shows or events.

Do not distribute patterns and kits in any way during quilting challenge period (the "hibernation" period) Sept. 9 through Oct. 31, 2015. Patterns and kits may be sold in any way after Oct. 31, 2015.
One more time... if you are taking pre-orders, they cannot be shipped until November 1.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Winter 2014-15 ... Post Card Party Swap!

The people who brought us Row by Row's summer long shop hop are now offering a trial program through the winter.  Rather than having quilters drive shop to shop on winter roads, they've designed fabric postcards that can be backed and embellished and sent to the New York quilt shop where all of this started. Folks there will sort them and send them to participating shops in other states, and will send back to us an equal number of postcards from other states. You can read more about this program at their new website:/

So far, less than a dozen shops in all of New England have signed on to this "beta" program ... Quilters' Quarters is one of two in Massachusetts.  Come by the shop and pick up a kit for $5.00 (plus tax.) I'll be happy to help you follow the pattern we're promoting for the back side: a disappearing four block.  But you can do anything you'd like to the back of your cards. I've written more details here at the blog page for the Post Card Party Swap.

Row by Row Experience 2014: 
A Summer-long Shop Hop for Quilters
Congratulations, Row by Row quilters who have finished their eight-row quilts! As photos of quilts that include our Beyond Winter Windows row (or any of our other season window rows) I'll copy and paste those quilt pictures here:

Here is our own winner! Susan Holsing of North Reading finished her quilt and brought it in to Quilters' Quarters on the last day of August ... she chose her 25 fat quarters and a coffee mug for her prize and bonus, as she, too, used our row in her four season's quilt. Beautifully done, Susan! 

Marilyn Dutton of Merrimac, MA was the first
 to finish a quilt with our row.
Cindy DeLacey of Charlton used our row as separate corner blocks,
 in the summer season fabric.

I'm excited to enroll Quilters' Quarters as a participant in a shop hop that gives quilters plenty of time to travel with their friends and families throughout the summer, visiting quilt shops locally or in many states in the USA.

This is an event that began last summer in NY and PA and was such a success it is expanding to many more states.  Participating quilt shops are inviting quilters to visit any time between July 1st and September 2nd, 2014. For visiting, the quilters received that shop's special 2014 pattern for a quilt block row, free. Kits including fabrics and notions specific to the shop's pattern will be sold for about $10.00, but purchasing the kit is not required for the contest.
This is one 9.5" block in our winter row. 
Here is our original finished row; we call the pattern "Beyond Winter Windows"

Quilters must visit at least eight participating shops to get the free patterns There is a state by state listing of shops at the website link. The patterns cannot be distributed by any other venue than a personal visit. Quilters then have until October 31st to complete the quilt, and upon completion, take it to one of the eight shops whose pattern they included in their quilt. The first quilter to return a quilt to a shop will receive a prize of 25 fat quarters! Their quilt will be included on the Facebook pages of the contest and the shops, with the quilter's permission. We will also seek local press coverage of the winning quilt in our shop.

No more hurrying and scurrying to fit in a number of shops in a limited time period. We will have ALL SUMMER LONG to meander through shops, towns, cities and states, sharing our ideas and travel stories with each other as we go. AND there are no groups to shuffle through with, and no passports, and no fee for participating (well, the shops pay a fee, but not the quilters.)

Please join Quilters' Quarters in this exciting new adventure. We will be ready to start on July 1.  Can't wait! Working now on our quilt block row pattern, and ordering coordinating fabrics for those who might want the complete kit in addition to the pattern.

One pattern per shop per quilter! As many kits as you would like  to purchase. Wonderful shared stories are welcome.  Every quilt, they say, has a story, and every quilter has the chance to share!

Copy and paste this link ( in your browser, to get the details of this Row by Row Experience 2014. We wish you luck in the quilt contest!

Be well, all, and come see us this summer.
            ~Terry and Rick,


  1. The license plate made of fabric represented at the top of the page will be available to quilters who visit the Quilters' Quarters to participate in the Row by Row 2014 Experience. This is going to be so much fun! Happy Quilters, we are!

  2. We've begun selling the Sew a Season Timeless Treasures fabric, and the Zebra fabric line license plate blocks! I'll have kits ready next week for customers who want to come into the shop and pick them up while the supply lasts. I can't give you the free pattern until the shop hop officially opens on July 1st, but you can start collecting your materials now :)