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Moda Sampler Block Shuffle

April 2, 2016
C'est finit! Front and back are all finished, and it will hang in the shop. I balanced the traditional sampler front with a modern back! And the yellow binding wraps it all together.  ps - the back sky fabric has glow in the dark constellations!

February 14
The border is finished. all that is left now is the backing, batting, quilting and binding.

January 12, 2016
The blocks are nearly finished: once I finish 'shuffling' them around I will add the final 11 sashes and corner blocks. I'm working on the flying geese border in the meantime, adding corner stone block colors of Moda Marble Swirl fabric as the geese, and using Ricky Tim's 'one seam pattern' for those border blocks.

All thirty blocks, with almost all sashings
and the beginnings
of the flying geese border.

This is week 10 and the final three free Moda Sampler Block patterns are posted!

Because we may not be here to post on New Year's day, we're posting that set of blocks earlier than scheduled. (No block release was scheduled for Christmas weekend.) I'm sure you'd rather receive this posting early rather than late. Mea culpa. The final three blocks will be posted as scheduled, on January 8th.

December 26 and January 2: Blocks 25

December 19: Blocks 22,23,24

Clearly, I made one too many
blocks tonight. This will definitely
be a do-over!

December 12: Blocks 19,20,21
Block 19 was challenging, and the video tutorial
was helpful, particularly for the cat's cradle blocks:

I struggled to fit these Block #20 pieces together ...
I tried smaller seams, wider seams ... I cut to size and
then trimmed some more ... watched the video
and took the quilter's belated advice NOT to iron the little blocks
but just 'moosh' them (my words) into place~
Message to self - watch the WHOLE video first!

Love this block ... lightning in the sky,
or a Charlie Brown sweater?
Remember that you are sewing in
two different directions.

December 11th: three special postings from Moda
Moda has offered these tips, which I have had on paper in the shop for customers. I was unable to post them for blog customers as a PDF file; another shop owner sent me the Jpeg images. The first two are tips for EASY CORNER TRIANGLES  and flying geese units, and the third is a four-page document for a suggested finished quilt using the Moda Sampler Blocks. 

December 4, 2015

Remember that fusible interfacing for this applique
is on sale at Quilters' Quarters this month ... AND comes
with a free fusible Christmas image for each 1/4 yd of fusible purchased.

November 27, 2015

November 20, 2015
Blocks 10, 11 and 12

November 13, 2015
Here are blocks 7,8 and 9; the samples that can be seen in the shop:

November 6, 2015
Here is the second set of three Moda Sampler Blocks:

Ummm I think I'll do this again
with just green in the center...

And here's a wonderful addition to the Quilters' Quarters collection of fabrics: small pieces for small prices~

Quilters' Quarters has a selection of pre-cuts to help
Quilters design their sampler blocks.
 Lots of color with little prices!

"Sweet Sixteenths" are half the size of a "Chub", measuring just
9" x 10.5", and priced at only 75 cents! Great choice for
small quilt blocks, and applique's!

Chubs are 1/8 yd pre-cuts measuring 9" x  22"  priced at $1.50
"Pops" are single layers of a 10" X 10" layer cake bundle ... 
these are fromQuilting Treasures' beautiful Mimosa fabric. We have more! Bolts, too!These sell for 99 cents each!
What would a quilt shop be without an "OOPS"
pile of remnants ... less than 9"x10" but close
These are priced to go ... 25 cents each!
Great choice for applique's, too!

October 30, 2015

Welcome to our brand new project page! Quilters' Quarters is proud to offer Moda Fabric in the shop, and to celebrate our new participating-shop status, we will be posting new blocks designed by the folks at Moda Fabrics for you.

Moda's Marble Swirl Line 2015
Each week, (that's WEEK, not month) Moda will supply shops with PDFs of the block design and pattern. They will also send 'Tip Sheets' that will help quilters with the blocks designed. I will post the new blocks each Saturday by Noon here  at the Moda Sampler Block Shuffle page of our Quilters' Quarters blog.

I'll also post a reminder on our Facebook Page that the new "BOW" (Block of the Week) patterns are ready and waiting for you at this page. The goal is that I will get into the habit of checking Moda's page each week, and posting the patterns that will invite you to get into the habit of checking Quilters' Quarters each week!

Do I know that this is November? And that this month and next will surely see a full project schedule on most quilters' calendars? I do ... and so does Moda. But these patterns and the fabrics for making them can be collected week by week, and perhaps set aside with an intent to use them to fill time during the indoor weather ahead.  Moda also suggests that they might, in themselves, be seen as a special gift package for a quilting friend!

Moda Fabric will be giving Quilters' Quarters and the other participating shops tips on how to make beautiful fabrics more accessible and affordable for you, the customers. Most quilters have become accustomed to adding variety to their 'stash' of fabric by purchasing 'fat quarters' in our shop; we will now be adding even smaller increments and making them available as "chubs" and "pops" as well as other sizes that you and I will enjoy finding in our shop.
There will also be a 'finishing' set of instructions given toward the end of the project timeline.  Recommended fabric usage is two jelly rolls or two layer cake bundles of your favorite choices, and some of the smaller fabric pieces to add a little bit of extra, individualized style to your blocks.

Here is the first set of block patterns ... and the tips that will make completing the blocks easier. There will be 2 or 3 individual block patterns posted each week from November 4, 2015 through early January, 2016. You'll be able to copy and print them from this page. I will also have paper copies in the shop for those folks who may not be able to print them at home. They may remain on this page for only two weeks, so I encourage to check the blog each weekend to copy and print the current block patterns while they are here.

I thought  you could right-click the pattern and select print, but when I did that, it printed the ENTIRE blog page, which is several paper pages long! Better to copy and save the image to a word document (as a jpeg image) and then manipulate it for size and THEN print it out. Or, you can stop into the shop to pick up a paper copy of each Moda Sample Block.

The patterns are printed in gray-scale to encourage you to design your own blocks choosing your own preference for colors or prints. Create~

I will also have paper copies of tips from Moda on how best to finesse your techniques while completing these blocks.  There will be thirty blocks in all, and a set of directions at the end of the setting of the thirty blocks, and the finishing of the quilt.  Looking forward to seeing you in the shop!

If you haven't yet signed up for newsletters from this blog, see the open window near the top of the right hand margin, enter your email address, and you'll receive our semi-monthly newsletters with special offers and updates about new fabrics in the shop.

 Happy quilting!


  1. Thanks Terry! if you Control click and choose open in new tab or window, then just that image opens up and you can print it on its own :-)

  2. Hooray for Helen! Thanks for the tip, Helen. I hope you and others will enjoy these free patterns offered each week ... what fun we'll have in the cold winter months ahead here, and your hot summer (air conditioned, optimistically) months there! Indoor sewing when we can't be outside ... Enjoy!

  3. Remember, if you cannot copy and print these patterns on your own, you can stop by the shop to request them each week.

  4. Thank you for accepting me as a happy quilter. I also need to thank Helen for the great tip on how to print them patterns. Awesome

    1. Welcome, Charmaine! Glad to have you following the blog :)

  5. The glow in the dark constellation fabric is no longer available at Quilters' Quarters.