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Lessons and Quilt Workshops

Stop in at the Shop to Schedule:

Just a heads-up on individual lesson/coaching sessions.  

Thursday 10 am                               
Friday: 10 am 
Saturday: 10 am, 3 pm, 4 pm.                                  

Schedule a lesson on machine quilting with Terry!

Seven year olds are the best needle threaders! 
Fiona made her own quilt at Quilters' Quarters .
  • Use my machine or your own
  • Cost: $20.00 per hour (with a  partner, $15 each; in a group of three,  $10 each)
  • Schedule late morning, afternoon  (see hours above.)
  • Fabric or thread purchases will be discounted 16.25% for lessons (that's discounting 10% and the shop will pay your 6.25% MA tax.)
  • Contact Terry at Quilters' Quarters, 978-352-2676 
    or drop in to the shop, or email to:

This is the proposed agenda for individual lessons:

  • Week 1: Using a sewing machine with comfort, confidence and care. How to check for 1/4" stitch accuracy and why that matters. Using three layers for a quilt or wall hanging, a table runner or place mats. Previewing traditional patterns and fabrics. How to use a color wheel. 
  • Week 2: Cutting fabric the old way (scissors) and the new (rotary mats, rulers and cutters.) Safety tips. Calculating yardage for a project. Choosing a pattern and fabric. To pre-wash or not to pre-wash.? Strip cutting and/or using pre-cut strips and squares. 
  • Week 3: Finish cutting; Begin the quilt top.
  • Week 4: Finishing the quilt top, "squaring it up," Borders or no borders?  Measuring and cutting the backing to fit. Measuring and attaching the batting (pins, basting or spray-basting and/or a combination of these) and the backing.
  • Week 5: Machine quilting the sandwiched layers. Marking the quilt top for quilting lines or designs. Free motion quilting or using a quilting foot. Measuring and cutting for the binding. Attaching the binding by machine or by machine and hand. Caring for your quilt. Cleaning your machine. Tips and Guides.

I look forward to helping you build confidence, competence and care as you learn or brush up on your machine quilting skills!
                                                   ~ Terry Palardy of Quilters' Quarters

Drop in Sit 'n Sew sessions

Quilters' Quarters, a division of Terry's Thoughts and Threads, located at Wooden Toy and Gift

Visit us to enjoy an hour or so of quilting friends at our shop. Bring a project, or a question or problem and we'll do our best to help you along.

 Maybe you want to know how to use a treadle machine? We have those, and will soon have hand cranks for use as well.

Sit'n Sew sessions are open to the public on Friday evenings, first come first serve, from 5-6 pm. Bring a friend with you! A donation of $10.00 per session would be accepted, but is not required

Weekly Sit 'n Sew with Terry

On Friday evenings from 5 pm to 6pm, before and during our Sit 'n Sew sessions
The schedule of occasional workshop topics will be posted on the home page of this blog, at the top of the right hand margin; they will also be posted at Quilters' Quarters Facebook page each week. 

Unless you have a specific task you want to work on, these weekly activities are suggested:

  • Traditional quilt blocks will be presented and taught on the first weekend of each month. 

  • The second weekend will be dedicated to seasonal or special event projects. 

  • Each month on the third weekend of the month, we will hold a workshop making "Quilt as you Go" blocks, in patriotic colors that can be used in Quilts of Valor for our MilitaryVeterans, or to our EMTs, Firefighters and Police Officers who keep us safe every day. Quilters' Quarters will revisit this workshop on the third Friday evening of each month, and will accept donated blocks produced to be assembled into quilts for our local heroes. (If you prefer to keep your block(s) and assemble your own quilt, you certainly may do that.) Fabrics purchased at Quilters' Quarters for this effort will be discounted by 15%. We have a small group of local Quilt of Valor quilters who enjoy making and finding recipients for these quilts.  

  • Fourth (and Fifth weekends when they happen) in a month will be to share general tips, answers questions and/or showcase special projects that have been requested. 

2016 Guest Lessons and Workshops

Ann Lainhart, the quilt artist who designed the Kaleidoscopic Purse pattern, the Chinese Lattice Work quilt patterns, the fussy-cut fabric note cards, her original Mariner's Compass blocks that are now featured on ceramic tiles and so many more wonderful quilt techniques is going to teach at Quilters' Quarters! 

  • Ann Lainhart's Tips and Techniques
  • Cost: $25.00 
  • Date:  To Be Announced
  • Time: 7 - 9:30 pm
  • Capacity: five to six students
  • Contact: Terry at Quilters' Quarters to reserve your seat. Full payment or a deposit of $10.00 is requested at time of reservation. 
  • Telephone: 978-352-2676 or email 
Visit Ann's website and see her work 

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  1. You can also reserve a seat by stopping in to see us at the shop, or calling at 978-352-2676. Looking forward to a great month of stitching!

  2. Fall update: A new set of beginner lessons will begin on October 8th. If you would like to reserve a place in one of the scheduled sessions, please contact me at, or stop by the shop. If you leave a message at 978 352 2676, be sure to leave your phone number or email address. Thank you.