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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Let's Try Again!

I'm game if you are. I don't see snow in our ten day forecast, so the shop will AGAIN try a re-opening tomorrow...

Remember, anyone who quilts or belongs to a guild or supports the quilt museum or is just a friendly-quilty-customer will receive a 20% discount on fabric for this opening and the rest of this month. (Guild members will receive that discount FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR ... have you thought about joining a guild?) And those who are buying fabrics, threads, etc. for charity projects will receive a 50% discount on those materials ... that's pure wholesale purchasing!

I've made a sample quilt top featuring some of the Spring fabrics here in stock at Quilters' Quarters in Georgetown Massachusetts (just two doors north of Perley School.) And I'll share the pattern for the featured block in this design: it's the Nine Patch Swap, offered by Missouri Star Quilt's Jennie. It's very easy to do and brings a lot of colors together in a block.

So come on in ... your patience will be rewarded!

And a reminder: every month, we donate ten percent of our gross sales in our best week to a non-profit charity ... and we accept donations for the Georgetown School Lunch Program every day ... Since January 1, with out sporadic openings for friends who call, we made enough sales through the end of March to have donated more than a hundred dollars to the lunch benefit (which offers free lunches to students whose accounts are in arrears and would otherwise have only a cheese sandwich and a piece of fruit ... which is not bad, but not nutritionally complete.)

You can always call if you need something during our closed days ... if I can, I will open for you. 978-352-2676.

Be well ... Spring might finally be arriving ... at a quilt shop near you!

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