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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What is Batik fabric, really?

New: Direct link to Batik fabrics at our online webstore! (under construction, but getting there ... is having technical difficulties.)

Batik is an unusual fabric, and customers seem to either love it or ignore it. I began stocking Batik this spring, and had to learn how to order it. Fortunately, the salesman from WilmingtonPrints  Fabric introduced me to the idea of having fabric collections that tell a story... and so I looked at dozens and dozens of fabrics before I began to choose.

The rational part about buying lots of fabrics at one time is spreading the deliveries out over a season, and so the batik bolts began arriving seven at a time... but the challenge was in the fact that the colors didn't arrive in coordinated color groups. But this beautiful pink and blue floral was in the first delivery, accompanied by some brown and orange bolts ... nevertheless, the day they arrived, a friend and loyal customer immediately bought a few yards from the bolt! So my initial thought of tucking them away until the coordinated colors arrived was banished, and Rick built us a new set of shelves to hold them.
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By the end of summer, the bolts had all arrived, and arranging them on the shelves has been delightful. A collection of coordinating charm packs arrived with the last shipment, and those include 5" squares of the many, many bolts that I could not afford to order all at once. 
Click here to order charm packs from our webstore.

Each company producing Batik fabrics has their own individual patterns, and the prints used are applied by hand. The stamps are developed by hand as well. Hoffman fabrics produced a video available at youtube that lets us see the workers skillfully creating the stamps, and then applying the colors and patterns to the fabric yard after yard after yard. Click here to view the video.

Come in to Quilters' Quarters to see which bolts whisper a story to you. And watch for our future kits and patterns that will be featuring these fabrics.

Let me know which colors or styles or patterns most appeal to you, or most suggest a quilt or project that you've been thinking of beginning.

Another of our frequent customers came in today and bought some of the blue collection, as she plans to make quilts for family friends in return for their generosity and kindness. Quilters are like that!

And remember, pre-cut packs like the 5" charm packs add a great variety to your new stash of Batiks ... it may take us a while to collect enough to include something for everyone, but give us a chance and we'll do our best!
Remember: when I get a deal, you get a deal!

And one last comment on Batiks: they are as clear and beautiful on the reverse side as they are on the 'right' side ... in other words, there is no 'wrong' side! Sometimes silk, sometimes, cotton, but always beautiful ~ all of the fabric at Quilters' Quarters is 100% quilt quality cotton ... tell your friends to come and check out our shop ... we'd love to see you and them!

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