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Sunday, March 13, 2016

"Feel Good Shopping!"

·      Quilters' Quarters is happy to announce our "Feel Good Shopping" plan !

First Wednesday Community Benefits
o   Each month Quilters’ Quarters will sponsor a local non-profit group in town on the first Wednesday of that month.
o   10% of purchases made that day (or week!) will be donated to the featured group.
o   Customers can nominate groups for this benefit by filling out a nomination form at Quilters’ Quarters.

·       “Five Box Loyalty Card”
o   Shoppers fill out a loyalty card and keep it in the Loyal Shoppers file at Quilters’ Quarters.
o   Each time a shopper comes to Quilters’ Quarters their card is recorded.
o   The total purchase amount (excluding tax) is written in one of the boxes.
o   When five boxes are full, the card is worth 10% of the total purchases for store credit.
o   Cards may be “saved” and combined for larger expenditures.

·       “Fifth Friday Special” for Loyal Customers
o   After a Five Box Loyalty Card is completed, the shopper receives a Loyal Customer Bag for Quilters’ Quarters
o   This bag can be used by our loyal customers on a ‘Fifth Friday’ in any month that has one.
o   The shopper can put as little or as much in the bag as will fit, and will receive a 20% discount on the bag’s contents.

Please let your neighbors and friends know of the new "Feel Good Shopping" 2016 promotion. Our first community beneficiary was The Friends of the Georgetown Peabody Library.

Stay tuned to hear which non profit organization will be featured each month~You'll find the list at the top of the right margin of our home page.

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