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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Two More Weeks 'til Re-opening!

Don't forget to ask us about our Humble Beginnings Adventure 2016
Adventure Passes are now on sale at the shop: $6.00 will get you a free tote bag, a brochure, the all important pass and more! 

Brrrr... it has been so cold this week! Below zero temperatures for two days and nights.  The barn has no water supply so no broken pipes out there, but one drain pipe split in the house. We reached about 10 below zero one night, and if we had been outside, it would have felt like 25 below with the wind chill. My hearts go out to public service workers who don't have a choice to stay tucked in on cold nights. Bless them all!

Today, though, just two days after the deep freeze, we had snow and then rain as the temps rose from single digits to the 50's! That is an unbelievable span of temperature change for one twenty-four hour day! I would go out to enjoy the warmer breeze, but it is pouring right now, so I'll just use my imagination.

Sweet kits for thread catchers; fabric, buttons,
and link to free patterns!

I'm imagining that Tuesday, March 1st will be one of those warm, early Spring days, when the scent of fresh earth after a rain and the view of tree buds appearing, along the the sounds of the birds returning and squabbling over choice nest sites all combine to call Spring to come forward and greet us. We'll be able to open the doors and windows of the shop to let the clean air in while we finish tidying up for our grand re-opening on Wednesday the 2nd.  We have some new fabrics to share (and still more coming throughout the Spring) and some new patterns, new kits and new ideas to share.
Here are some of the calicos and spring colors that have arrived so far...
deep green with pink/blue calico print

classic red and blue calico

widely spaced lilac orchid blossoms

pretty pink on white

mint green on white

butter yellow on white;
photo is blurred, fabric print is crisp and even!

mossy green leaves on cream with purple blossoms

sweeet pink gingham; also blue, yellow and green

New Spring 2016 shop hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 11 to 5pm

Regular Summer 2016 shop hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 11 - 7pm

And yes, our on-line webstores are still up and running despite the winter temperatures: visit us at for Quilters' Quarters, and for Rick's beautiful wood art, which you can preview at his blog:

Stay warm, bundle up, and if you're going to be out and about, give us a call to see if we're here - we'd love to chat and will open the shops for you.

Terry and Rick Palardy

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