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Friday, December 4, 2015

12 Online Shopping Days 'til Christmas with Quilters' Quarters

Many out of state (and some out of country) quilters found Quilters' Quarters online web store through the Row by Row advertising, and we appreciate their distance shopping with us!

As we're having special sales in our shop for the month of December, we decided we ought to offer specials to our online customers as well. Here's the plan:

There are twelve online shopping days before Christmas week, and so Quilters' Quarters will be offering a special for each of those days:
Monday 12/7 through Friday 12/18, a different deal will be posted each day at the webstore:

The deal of the day will also be advertised on our Facebook page to remind people to check the website.

Our first "QQ Day 1 of Christmas Shopping" will be Monday December 7th, and the website will offer, in honor of Pearl Harbor Day, a 20% discount on all red, white and blue fabrics in the shop and on the webstore page.  We operate on Eastern Standard Time, and so web store orders placed by midnight our time will have the 20% of your purchase REFUNDED to your charge card VIA PAYPAL as soon as the order is filled. There will be no tax added for out of state orders, and shipping differences, which result because shipping cost is always a 'best guestimate" will be refunded if the estimate is more than a dollar over the actual shipping cost at the post office. Orders will be shipped within two business days, and will normally go parcel post or first class, depending on weight.

Watch our Quilters' Quarters Facebook Page for the reminders, or go directly each day to the webstore at Terry Crawford to find the special offer of the day.

Thank you for being our customer at Quilters' Quarters and Wooden Toy and Gift, 59 North Street (just 2 doors north of Perley School) in Georgetown, Massachusetts, and/or online at

We look forward to your company and your orders~ Always!

ps - Wooden Toy and Gift will be offering a similar 12 days of Christmas and Holiday shopping ... go to their Facebook Page to learn more!

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