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Saturday, September 19, 2015

"Hibernation Period" Sale: 9/8/2015 - 10/31/2015

For the next seven weeks, quilters who spent some summer time collecting free Row by Row™ patterns are expected to be hunkered down at home finishing their nautical quilts for the free 25 fat quarters they'll be awarded if they are the first one to return with the quilt to a shop nearby.  During these seven weeks, shops are not allowed to give or sell their row patterns and kits. The thought is, those who could travel in the summer ought to have the best shot at winning the prizes. Not sure I agree with that, but I'll abide by their rule.

But hunkering down in this beautiful New England weather isn't likely, so Quilters' Quarters will have a sale on ALL nautical fabrics and notions ... 15% reduced prices in the shop, and on line.

Now, I'm told that some shops' patterns and kits are being sold on eBay by the customers who bought the kits during the summer. "That's not fair!" some would say... and while that's true, the customers didn't have a rule to follow. They bought the kit and it's their property to sell. But it does conflict with the notion that others can't buy the kits and receive the patterns from the original shops during the Row by Row™ Hibernation Period. (After 10/31, shops will be selling their kits and patterns again, as the contest will have ended.) Technically, if the quilter hasn't signed in at each shop whose pattern is used in the quilt, he or she can't expect to win the fat quarters ... the shop would have to verify the quilter's visit, and that alone might create ill will with the customer. I'm not in this dilemma, as my shop fortunately had a winning quilt turned in before the Hibernation Period (and it is a truly beautiful quilt!) At the bottom of the back of her quilt, Regina embroidered the shop names as well - a wonderful record of her busy summer shop-hopping!

Meanwhile, the Northern Hemisphere moves on toward Fall (Autumnal Equinox is the first day of Fall, on September 23rd this year, despite what the weathermen claim.) And Quilters' Quarters has gained yet another vintage machine (see the blog page for the story.) More vintage fabric has arrived at the shop as well:


And the school fabric made a wonderful book tote just in time for the public library's annual book sale!
Lined tote measures 22" x 16-18"
Come visit us at Quilters' Quarters to see what other new fabrics have arrived ... Moda Marble Swirls in twelve colors ... Cuddle fabrics ... Halloween Panels and more - oh, I think I'll make a Halloween Trick or Treat bag with some of that fabric, too!

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