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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Lovely Night Celebrating Art with Friends.

Yesterday was the night we shared Rick's woodworking artwork in his first public exhibit, hosted by the Pine Grove School in Rowley. His work will be there in the school's alcoves that exist because Pat Marshall was intent on reserving space during the building's renovations just for that purpose.  One of her co-workers described Marshall in these words:
"Pat was a much loved teacher, assistant principal, and then principal at Pine Grove.  She cared deeply about her staff and students and always put them first.  Pine Grove became an award winning school under her leadership. The Gallery is named in memory of Pat Marshall (thus the Pat Marshall Link Art Gallery)  and it was originally called the Link Gallery, for the fact that that space "linked" all the wings of the school, and as a gallery, we hoped it would "link" the school and community." 
A few years ago, Rick was approached and asked if he could use some wood and Plexiglas to make some protective but see-through 'gates' for the alcoves that had been designed for the new section of the building a decade or so earlier, to prevent accidental damage from the displayed artwork. And he did.

Later, the couple who had come to Rick with that commission funding remembered his beautiful doll furniture, trucks, and other woodworking art in his shop, and came back and asked if he would lend some of his work to the school, to be displayed for about six weeks. The students and faculty and parents of that school community have enjoyed years of such changing displays thanks to the space provided by that forward-thinking educator.

Here are the photos we took of each Alcove. The display was shared with the public last night, and will remain for the students until the last week in November. As the reception was on a weeknight, none of our family were able to attend, but our artist friends who have so often shared their art with us came to the reception to celebrate Rick's beautiful work, as did other friends we have in town.

It was my honor to provide several themed quilts to be the backdrop for each of Rick's displays.  Many of these quilts will be offered for sale in Quilters' Quarters and on my webstore, and will be shipped to buyers after November 30, 2014, just in time for the Christmas, Hanukah and New Year holidays.

Remember, you can click on each photo to enlarge it and see detail clearly.

Autumn Holidays
The see through 'gate' allows small children
to see the full display -- Rick's original work.

The Halloween Quilt

Winter Holidays

The Hanukah Quilt/Table Cover

The Christmas Quilt

Construction and other Vehicles

the Under Construction Quilt


Silly Birds and Crazy Daisy Quilt 
Sewing/Knitting Plaques and Doll Furniture 

Retro Kids Needle Crafts Quilt

Public Safety Officers

First Responder Quilt

Entry Way and Stairwell Wall Displays

Linus Project Quilts

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