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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New for the Fall

Today is September 16th, which means that Rick will be putting a sign out front that begins counting down the days to Christmas, beginning with 100.

The summer shop hop is winding down, as quilters are busy at home finishing up their row by row quilts and looking for quilt shops that haven't yet had a winning entry for those 25 free fat quarters. Don't give up - there are many shops still waiting to showcase your quilt, as we have displayed Susan's here at Quilters' Quarters.

Fall fabrics have begun arriving here, and I'm adding them to the inventory on our web store page: .

Check it out to find some of these beautiful colors, patterns, and kits.  Fun projects to make during the cooling season of autumn, with an eye toward gifts for the holidays.

We will have many spontaneous, special sales at Quilters' Quarters this fall. Each will be announced on our Facebook Page, and we invite you to stay tuned there for updates to the calendar of surprises.

Click here for webstore link
Presently, we've been offering the Linus Quilt Panel at 25% discount. Stay tuned as each week will bring a new offer.

If you can't get to the shop but want one of our sudden deals, just email me at, or phone us at 978-352-2676 and we'll be happy to fill your order through the mail. You'll also find many of the items at the webstore and can purchase there through PayPal.

The "Happy Quilter" license plates have been a big hit this summer, and we still have enough on  hand to fill those last minute orders; they are also available  at our webstore; you'll also find a pattern and kit there for our alternate Four Season Window design. (We can't fill "Beyond Winter Window" pattern requests until November 1st, per the Row by Row 2014 contest rules.)

(Four Season Tree fabric no longer available)
But, you're able to buy yardage of the special "Sew a Season" fabrics (designed by Debra Gabel of license plate fame) at our webstore or in the shop to fill out your quilts. The four season "trees" fabric is being held in reserve for the remaining four season quilt row kits, but we have extra yards of the spring, summer and fall leaves blender bolts, and the winter snowflakes.  Our space galaxy night sky fabric in back in stock as well. They will all appear on the webstore page soon, and customers can easily shop there through PayPal.

Halloween fabrics are at a special price of $5.00/yard, (posted at the 1/2 yard price of $2.50 on the web store.)  We've added reflective tape/fabric to our shopping list and plan to have that available by the beginning of October, to help make your little one's costumes more visible for Trick or Treat nights.

Our next newsletter will tell you all about our quilt shop's First Anniversary in late November, and with it will come Helen and Henry's second mystery book! Be sure to stay tuned for snippets to whet your appetite for more of their story.

As always, if you are reading this update in your email, thank you for signing up for the newsletter. We usually publish it about twice a month, but in between editions, we also update the various pages that comprise this blog. Recent additions are the Machine Quilting Classes page,  and progress on current quilts at Terry's QuiltingJournal 2014 page.  Come visit us at the blog and see what else is happening at Quilters' Quarters

Feel free to share this email or blog link with your friends and families, and encourage the quilters among you to check out the Row by Row page of the blog as well as the website itself. We're in for a great experience this summer ~ jump in and join us!

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