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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More Threads and a Collection of Thimbles

One of our consignees, Ann, has shared a collection of thimbles that her mother had saved through several decades. Ann thought there might be some quilters who could add some of hers to their treasures.  Come  into the shop to see them.  Here are a few pictures of the fifty thimbles she's placed in Quilters' Quarters:

Fifty sweet thimbles collected over many years.
From the top shelf of specials
to the lower shelf of plain metal thimbles
One of wood, one of fabric, and one of plastic
Each one unique.
Pewter, silver, fabric, ceramic and bone china ...
so many different thimbles!
The top right thimble is marked inside:
Spode Fine Bone China, England
and has gold cherubs painted around the rim. 
 I love the pewter pot thimble, though I haven't a clue how to use it to sew!
The top opens to reveal a dimpled thimble surface.

More enamel embellished, filigree design and hand painted flowers 

I've been able to add some more things to Quilters' Quarters inventory this week by monitoring auctions at eBay.  But I must offer a caution here: I lost a few auctions in the very last seconds because my fingers are not as nimble as others. I had made a higher bid, and for more than a day I had the lead on two lots of embroidery thread. On the first lot to come to its deadline, I was online and watching. Two seconds before the clock stopped, eBay released my hidden maximum bid, in time to let another bidder add one dollar to it. I was not  happy to see it happen that way.  On the second lot, the next morning, it happened again ... my maximum bid, thirty dollars higher than the standing bid, was suddenly released, and before I could hit the bid button, another did, and the bidding ended. I called eBay and asked why, as no other bids had come in, had they released my maximum in time to allow the other bidder to see it and beat it. They said simply 'that is how automatic bidding works.'

Lesson learned ... I was able to buy a few lots and did so, without bidding. Buyer, or bidder, beware; this is not our century!  Here are some photos of what I've added to the shop:

I have 166 bobbins of embroidery floss that come on numbered bobbins, all tightly packed together, and I will sell them separately for 25 to 50 cents each.  Some have had some of their floss removed from the bobbin; hence, the different price ranges. 

I also was able to buy 165 skeins of six-strand DNC embroidery floss, in a range of colors from whites, ecru, beige, pale pinks, reds, all the colors of the rainbow and so on through dark browns, and a single skein of black. And when I took a picture of the reds, yellows and green portion of the color spectrum, without the flash, they seemed, with my tremor, to blend into an image of salsa!  

If you know of someone who is looking for just that particular shade of color in embroidery threads, let them know of Quilters' Quarters and our reasonable prices.  I think these will go for fifty cents a skein. 

Be well, all.  Happy Sewing!

~Terry and Rick



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