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Row by Row™ 2017

February 2018
Quilters' Quarters will not be a part of Row by Row 2018 ™ ... It is an investment of over a hundred dollars to be a registered RxR shop, plus another amount for the junior enrollment, and another charitable donation required for the ninth row participation .. and for the past two years those costs have not been covered by RxR purchases, sad to say. Kits and License Plates from 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 will be available at a reduced price as long as they are in stock.

Though QQ will no longer be listed on the RxR website, please let your quilting friends know that I continue running the shop as a quilters' collaborative resource shop, where discounts to quilters who do charity work will be significant. All quilters will receive a 20% discount on fabric whether for charity or not. Members (those who share their talents and time with QQ) will receive a 40% discount. And all who purchase fabric intended for charitable donation quilts will receive a 50% discount. All quilters, members or not.

Donations for the Georgetown School Lunch program will continue to be collected and delivered to the school department via the envelope on the table in the shop.

QQ will hold a special First Day of Spring Re-opening on Wednesday March 21st ... 11-5. Norrmal spring hours of three days a week (Thursday through Saturday) from 11 to 5 will resume following that opening day.
September 2017
Quilters' Quarters has a winning 2017 Quilt on Display!
Local quilter Cheryl Lampert (who finished two complete RxR 2016 quilts last year) brought her 2017 "On the Go" quilt in to our shop, and it is now hung ON (not from) the ceiling in our cutting room! Come and see her beautiful work! Each image has unique, well purposed stitching ... and Cheryl visited twelve shops and included each shop's row in this fabulous quilt. 

Here is our 2017 Row, Heroes On The Go!

How will you embellish your row? 

Yes! Quilters' Quilters has invested in the brand new ROW BY ROW JUNIOR™ EXPERIENCE~

We have all five approved Junior Row patterns available, but can give only one to each Junior quilter.

See more details at this official page:

In the News!
2017 Vintage License Plates will arrive in time for our June Row by Row™ kick-off. We have ordered a limited # of plates, with vintage sewing machine icon featured, and our slogan of Happy Quilter! You can reserve your plate today by mailing a check for $6.00 (5 plus 1 for postage) to the shop, or stop in to leave your name and payment. We are only ordering 100 plates this year ~ don't miss out!

2017 Row by Row™ license plate: $5.00
Limited Quantity ~ Reserve Yours Today!

This page is under construction: looking forward to sharing more information soon about our 2017 participation in Row by Row - our FOURTH year!
Meanwhile, enjoy a nostalgic look back at our first three years...

2017 theme: On The Go!

2014 Beyond Winter Windows

2015 Windows on the Water
2016 Patch's Puppy Playground

2017 Be My Hero

2014 License Plate

2015 License Plate

2016 License Plate

2017 License Plate

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