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Moda Neighborhood Blocks


Each week, Moda is releasing a single block pattern. You will only find these patterns at participating quilt shop sites like ours. Full details for each block are included, and a settings instructional page will be offered at the end of the 16 weeks.

Click on the image and a PDF will open with four pages of templates and directions for completing this block.

Quilters' Quarters will be creating kits for each block released, beginning next week (Blocks 1, 2 and 3 kits will be available in the shop on Wednesday, September 22, and each Wednesday another block's kit will be available. Kits will be priced at $6.75 each. Fabrics will be from Moda and from our new Batik collection.  Friday evening Sit 'n Sew will offer workshops to help with the construction of the blocks. Come and join us!

Kits for blocks 1,2 and 3 are ready!

Here's the first  block at Quilters' Quarters, Georgetown, MA in Moda fabric ... the pattern for the tree reminds me of a child's drawing...  and it repeats in later blocks (see Moda's sample full quilt image above.)  #BeMyNeighbor 

Quilters' Quarters' version of Block 1 in
 Moda's "Be My Neighbor" quilt.
18" x 18"
  Click for pattern.
Block 2 Moda Neighborhood
Click image for the pattern.

Block 3 Moda Neighborhood
Click Image for the pattern.

Block 4 Moda Neighborhood
Click Image for the pattern.
Block 5 Click image for the pattern
Block 6 Click image for the pattern 

Block 15 Click image for Pattern

Block 16 Click image for Pattern

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